Our professional programs aim to bring evidence-based, engaged learning experiences to professionals. Check out which programs are available below. Professional programs are taught by SFU faculty and/or experienced professionals in the field. Many of these programs will be a mix of in-person lectures, online webinars and other platforms.

Who should enroll?

Our professional programs are designed for:

  • Environmental graduates wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge in response to evolving research, marketplace and industry needs;
  • Professionals in management and leadership roles interested in gaining advanced skills through innovative and evidence-based learning experiences;
  • Public policy makers and others interested in current environmental challenges and solutions.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Joanna Ashworth

Director of Professional Programs and Partnerships

Endorsed by:


If you would like to receive information on our workships and events simply input your email below, press submit and we'll keep you up to date on our offerings.
Questions? We're happy to help: envp-info@sfu.ca

Want to attend, but can't afford the tuition? We have a limited number of scholarships for participants from non profits, community organizations, students and underemployed that are granted at the descretion of the program director. Please contact Joanna Ashworth directly at envp-info@sfu.ca with a brief request and rationale for consideration.