Physical geography graduate excited to launch career making a positive impact on the planet

June 02, 2023

New physical geography alumnus Eve (Ha Uyen) Ngo graduates prepared this June with knowledge, skills and valuable work experience. “I’ve grown so much as a person and as a scholar, and I’m excited to see where my journey takes me next,” she says.  

Eve transferred to SFU’s physical geography major after completing her first year at Fraser International College (FIC). As someone who has always been interested in the natural environment, the program was a perfect fit for her and her interest in studying the impacts of climate change. “I find it fascinating how changes in temperature and precipitation patterns are affecting ecosystems, and how these changes in turn affect human life,” she explains.

She also completed a certificate in geographic information systems (GIS) and is aiming for a career in the field after discovering how much she liked learning how to use GIS software to create maps and visualize spatial patterns. She is particularly passionate about the technology’s applications in climate change research and mitigation. 

Thanks to two different co-op placements, Eve has already been able to apply her knowledge of GIS and data analysis to real-world problems. In her first position at the Vancouver International Airport, she was responsible for updating and maintaining the airport’s geospatial database. Using GIS software, she created maps of the airport’s facilities, ran spatial analysis, and provided support to the airport’s operations team. 

Her second co-op was at BC Hydro, where she worked as a data analyst identifying trends and patterns in large data sets. Both experiences provided valuable insights into how these technologies can be used, she says. 

In addition to her co-op placements, Eve also made the most out of her time as an undergraduate student by getting involved on campus. As a volunteer peer educator with the SFU Sustainability Office, she raised awareness about sustainable practices at SFU and in the community by organizing and leading workshops and presentations. The opportunity allowed her to share her passion for environmental issues with others and collaborate with like-minded individuals to make a positive impact. 

“These experiences have all been instrumental in shaping my time as a student,” Eve says. “They have allowed me to apply what I've learned in the classroom and develop my teamwork and communication skills, which will be essential in my future career. I've also made some lifelong friends.”

Congratulations Eve!