Environmental Science

Environmental science student puts a philosophical twist on her scientific path

February 11, 2022

As we push for equal and full access for women and girls in science this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, undergraduate student, Chloe Ross, reflects on her decision to pursue environmental science and philosophy at SFU. 

Chloe’s affinity for both science and philosophy emerged at an early age. “Science courses were fascinating and challenging – I have always loved the feeling you get when you finally master a skill or understand a concept,” says Chloe. “As for philosophy, I've grown up surrounded by philosophical discussion and am passionate about many aspects of the discipline. I think pairing the two makes me a better scientist.”

Chloe’s fascination with the complexities of her high school science courses initially led her to study physics in her first year before discovering environmental science, switching her major and adding a minor in philosophy. 

“I didn’t fully understand the work a scientist would do so it was difficult to picture myself as one. After I took an environment course, I realized for the first time where my real passions lie.”

Coming from a creative household, she was encouraged to explore her artistic interests in tandem with her analytical skills. 

“My family has always made me feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and that I deserve anything I am willing to work for,” says Chloe.  

Excited by the opportunity to explore environmental issues and solutions through a scientific lens and grateful for the support she has received along the way, Chloe is aware this may not be the case for every woman considering a career in the sciences.

“The encouragement I experienced from my family and teachers was crucial in developing confidence in my abilities. It is important to feature woman thriving in scientific fields and the different type of work that scientists do. It makes it easier for girls to picture themselves doing the same,” says Chloe.

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