Urban Studies Postings

Sessional Instructor – Fall 2023

URB 627 Women in Cities: Critical Intersectional Perspectives

Please note that all Sessional Instructor (SI) positions involve membership in the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) and are subject to both sufficient enrollment in the course and budgetary authorization. The Urban Studies Program follows Article XIV (E.2) of the TSSU-SFU Collective Agreement when hiring sessional instructors. Sessional instructor salaries are based on teaching contact hours.

DURATION: September 5, 2023 – December 18, 2023 (these dates might be subject to minor revisions)

SEMINAR TIME: Wednesdays, 12:30-4:20 PM (tentative)


Submit your complete application, including all documents noted below by email to urban@sfu.ca. Applications may be addressed to the attention of the Director, Urban Studies Program, Simon Fraser University.

POSITION AVAILABLE: URB 627 Women in Cities: Critical Intersectional Perspectives

LOCATION: In person: Vancouver campus, Harbour Centre




• Graduate-level training in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies or equivalent substantive training in the humanities or social sciences

• Demonstrated knowledge of intersectional analysis or GBA+


GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS (in addition to course-specific qualifications)

• A graduate degree in Urban Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies or a related field

• Teaching experience in Urban Studies or a closely related field

• Knowledge of course delivery through relevant online teaching tools, including Canvas, Zoom and Microsoft Office applications



All qualifications must be evidenced via the following documents:

• A current resume or curriculum vitae

• A list of past courses taught at SFU and/or another university or college and a summary of teaching evaluations for these courses.

• Two letters of reference from within the past two years, including at least one from a unit for which courses have been taught. (No references are required if the applicant has taught for SFU Urban Studies in the last two years).

• Proof of highest degree. (If the applicant has taught as an Instructor for SFU Urban Studies in the last two years, this is not required).

• A sample course outline (showing required texts, evaluation criteria, and week by week topic coverage).

• A statement of the applicant’s approach to pedagogy.



• Works closely with the program director and manager

• Delivers instruction, the content of which is approved by the program director

• Manages electronic and/or other platforms for the effective delivery of instruction

• Holds regular online office hours for students

• Undertakes the grading of assignments and other evaluation items per the grading and evaluation policies and practices of the program, and, if relevant, oversees the work of Teaching Assistants to ensure that grading standards are maintained and that marks are both appropriate and uniformly applied

• Compiles final term course marks and submits the final grades for students in the course

• Manages grade appeals, as necessary, in a timely manner



The Urban Studies Program may interview a short list of candidates. Some qualifications may be waived for graduate students enrolled in a graduate program at SFU.


The University is committed to the principle of equity in employment. See Policy GP 19.


The information submitted with an application is collected under the authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s. 27(4)(a)), applicable federal and provincial employment regulations and requirements, the University's non-academic employment policies and applicable Collective Agreements.

The information is related directly to and needed by the University to initiate the employment application process. The information will be used to contact references supplied by an applicant, evaluate an applicant’s qualifications, and complete the employment process by making a hiring decision. Applicant information may also be disclosed to the TSSU in accordance with Article XIII F.3.1.b of the Collective Agreement.

If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information please contact the Associate VP, Human Resources, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6. Telephone: 778-782-3237.