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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Housing Resources

For students with disabilities, living with SFU Residence and Housing is a great way to avoid the hassles of transportation. A number of specific rooms in accessible buildings are held each term for students with disabilities; where a residence offer has been made, and the disability is such that the student would benefit from on-campus housing, students with disabilities will have first priority in getting these rooms.

Keep Ahead of Deadlines to Ensure Services

Students with disabilities are required to meet the same application deadlines and requirements as all other students applying for on-campus housing.  Students with disabilities should inform SFU Residence and Housing of their disability related needs as early as possible in the process, preferably in their application. Due to the high volume of students applying to Residence, delays in notification and last minute requests may result in an inability to meet specific disability related needs.

Important dates for Residence and Housing can be accessed here.
Contact information for Residence and Housing can be accessed here.

Making Arrangements for Special Housing Needs

Residence and Housing is the authority that grants on-campus housing arrangements at SFU. For students with disabilities that will limit their ability to live in SFU traditional housing arrangements, special disability related supports may be put into place. These housing accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis, given consideration to a host of factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The nature of the disability, as indicated by professional disability documentation
  • The functional impact of the student’s disability on living in SFU’s residences
  • Specific recommendations made by the Centre for Accessible Learning, in the event that: the student is registered with the CAL and has signed a consent to release personal information; or Residence and Housing requests general assistance in determining accommodations for the student’s type of disability

Please note that the CAL only makes recommendations to SFU Residence and Housing regarding the impact of a student’s documented disability. The CAL is available to confirm the student’s disability and advise regarding the type of impairment that might result from the disability. The CAL may also assist in determining a student’s eligibility to receive accommodations based on consideration of documentation from a professional that states what the housing need is and why the requested housing accommodation is the only way to meet the student’s need in residence. Residence and Housing will contact the CAL if they need to confirm the student’s needs or wish assistance in determining appropriate accommodations.

Residence Life (RezLife)

RezLife provides programs and services to support students’ emotional, physical and psychosocial development and works toward establishing communities of students that are grounded in a common sense of responsibility, purpose, integrity, respect and openness. One way in which RezLife supports various residents' experiences is by identifying student needs and responding with various programs and events to ensure that everyone has a place in the Residence community. For more information, including event listings for Residence, click here.