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All exams written with the CAL must comply with SFU’s policy on academic honesty. The following checklists describe your responsibilities and what you should expect during and after the examination process.

When You Arrive for Your Exam

  1. Ensure that you are complying with the CSD’s scent-free and peanut-free policy.
  2. Ensure that you have your student ID card and all materials that you will require during the exam.
  3. Arrive at the CAL 15 minutes prior to the exam start time.
  4. Check-in with CAL staff, identifying yourself by name and specify the exam that you are scheduled to write.
  5. The invigilator will tell you to put your bag, jacket, cell phone, laptop, etc. away in an assigned storage location. From this point until the completion of the exam, you will not be permitted to return to your belongings.  Please note that you should not bring any valuables with you to the CAL.  While you will be provided with a storage area in which to place your belongings, the CAL can take no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  6. The invigilator may remind you that you may not be in possession of any unauthorized aids, including notebooks, textbooks, USB storage devices, cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, etc., but it is your responsibility to ensure that these items do not enter the exam room. It is an academic offense to have an unauthorized aid in one’s possession during the writing of an exam. See our Exam Policies for more details.
  7. The invigilator is authorized to inspect any items that you will have with you during the writing of the exam, including your pencil case, your calculator, and any food or drink items.
  8. The invigilator will typicall review your authorized accommodations with you. If you have any questions or concerns, ask the invigilator to clarify before the exam begins.
  9. The invigilator will calculate your allotted writing time, and announce the allotted writing time to you.  
  10. If you have questions or concerns about your accommodations for the exam, what can be used in the exam or the allotted writing time, you should bring these issues up before you start the exam.  
  11. The invigilator will seat you in an exam room at the test site.

After You Complete Your Exam

When the invigilator notifies you that your exam time is over, you MUST cease writing. The invigilator will collect all materials:

  1. The test or exam question paper
  2. Used and unused test/exam booklets
  3. Written and/or typed responses
  4. Used and unused scrap paper
  5. Aid sheets

If you used a computer to type your responses, the invigilator will print a copy of your responses and ask that you review each page. You will then be asked to sign the copy of your responses, confirming that all pages are present. Changes cannot be made to a test or exam after the allotted writing time is over. Remember to collect all your belongings after completing your exam. The CAL is not responsible for items left at test sites.