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Our office hours are 9 am to 4 pm,
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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
1250 Maggie Benston Centre
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6
Phone: 778.782.3112
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.


If You Forget to Schedule an Exam

Under all circumstances, we ask that you keep track of your academic planning and make exam arrangements in a timely manner. If you do forget to schedule an exam, contact the CAL immediately; as we may be able to accommodate you. Please note that you are not guaranteed the privilege of writing at the CAL with accommodations if you have failed to submit your exam request using our online booking system by the deadlines.  Midterm exam requests need to be submitted  one week prior to the class exam date and final exam request need to be submitted two weeks prior to the start of the University final examination period.

If a student is habitually late with requests, the CAL will not extend efforts to arrange accommodations; however, the student would still retain the privilege of writing exams at CAL so long as they are scheduled in a timely manner.

If You are Late or do not Arrive at Least 15 Minutes Early

If you do not arrive 15 minutes early, you will still need to go through the process of presenting ID, checking in with the CAL staff and handing over all materials that cannot be taken into the exam room. If this cuts into your exam time, that is your responsibility and you will not be given extra time.

If you are late for your exam, the time will be deducted from your overall writing time and you may face consequences as outlined by your instructor, academic faculty or the CAL. In some cases, late arrival can result in the student not being permitted to write the exam (e.g., if you arrive more than 30 minutes into the start time of the exam, or if we have other exams being written that day and must stick to our examination schedule without change). Going to the wrong test site, getting lost or not being aware of the start time are not valid excuses for being late.

If You Forget to Take Your Exam

Any further arrangements, such as if your instructor will allow a make-up exam, will have to be discussed between you and your instructor. Please note that faculty is under no obligation to give you a second chance to write an exam.

If You Need to Cancel Exam Accommodations

Students are responsible for notifying the CAL if accommodations are no longer needed for a particular exam. Sometimes you may not require all or some of the accommodations depending on the type of exam (e.g., regular time for multiple choice exams vs. extra time for essay exams). Students must inform the CAL as soon as they know that the accommodations will no longer be required. . For example, some students may prefer writing in class if at all possible, but they may not know until 1-2 days before the exam if they are well enough to do so. Students can cancel exam bookings at any time using the online booking system.