Undergraduate Students

Co-operative Education

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Students enrolled in a SFU Co-op term only are ineligible to apply for most* SFU administered scholarships, awards and/or bursaries since the 3 unit Co-op is not a standard graded course. Students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements listed for scholarships, awards, and/or bursaries.

*Effective Spring 2020, students who are officially enrolled in a SFU Co-op term are eligible to apply for Co-op specific awards during that term. Students who have further questions or want to be considered for these specific awards should contact the Work Integrated Learning Office to learn more.

*Students enrolled in a SFU International Co-op term are eligible to apply for SFU International Co-op Education Bursaries and/or the SFU International Co-op Education Awards.

Student loan funding

Students participating in a Co-operative Education term are able to apply for and receive student loan funding.

Participating in a Co-op term is not considered to be the same as having a full-time job when applying for student loan funding. When submitting their application, students must:

  • Apply for student loan funding on a term by term basis
  • Answer “yes” to the question “Between the date classes start and the date classes end, will you be on a co-op/paid work term?
  • Answer "no" to the question "Will you have a full time job during your study period?"

Contact a Financial Aid Advisor if participating in:

  • a Co-op term and are enrolled in additional class(es)
  • an International Co-op term

Maintaining interest-free status

Enrollment in co-op is considered full-time; therefore, a co-op student may apply for interest-free status. See Maintaining Interest-Free Status (BC residents) for more information; otherwise check with your province of residence.

Contact a Financial Aid Advisor for further information.