March 15, 2019

Photo gallery: Curling up with SFU Teaching Stories

Though it may not have passed through a peer review process, history professor Mary-Ellen Kelm appears to approve of this publication.

“Teaching is too often a solitary activity.” – Elizabeth Elle, vice-provost and associate vice-president, learning and teaching

Enter the Teaching and Learning Centre’s first-ever volume of SFU Teaching Stories, a 60-page publication that we hope will break down some of the institutional walls (not any with Arthur Erickson original wood panelling, of course) to provide a peek into what teaching techniques and approaches are being tried across campus.

We could tell you that it is full of interesting and fun articles, but we thought these photos—featuring just a few of the instructors showcased—would do a better job.

Download a free PDF version of SFU Teaching Stories.
Contact the Teaching and Learning Centre at for a printed copy.

Because biological sciences lecturer Megan Barker knows that reading is always more fun with a friend.

The only thing that could surprise open textbook adopter and senior lecturer Michael Chen (physics) more than the cost of some textbooks in his field: seeing his face in print!

Beedie instructor Andrew Flostrand loves the pictures, but recommends it for the articles.

There may not be any cat videos in it ...

… from taking a few minutes to enjoy ...

… but that hasn't stopped SFU readers ...

… stories of local teaching excellence.

Senior lecturer Atousa Hajshirmohammadi from the School of Engineering Sciences enjoys learning something new about a teaching colleague (especially because we promised not to quiz her on it).

Health sciences senior lecturer Nienke van Houten left her critical reading skills at the door to peruse this publication.

Last but not least, health sciences lecturer Tun Myint was surprised to see his face in SFU Teaching Stories not once but twice. If it were a contest, that would make him the winner.