Voice and Presentation Skills

The Teaching and Learning Centre offers workshops and programs for instructors and other SFU community members whose work involves lecturing or presenting. These practical and hands-on sessions will help you communicate effectively, connect with your class, and reduce vocal strain. 

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Watch as SFU instructors describe the ways in which voice training has helped them become more comfortable and more effective in the lecture hall. Upcoming voice and presentation skills workshops are listed below.


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Presentation Skills Resources

Vocal exercises (audio)

Each segment in these audio companions builds on the previous ones, so we encourage you to first listen to them in order. Later on, you can practice specific exercises by picking out the appropriate episode and working within it.

The Speaker Within Audio Companion

This audio companion consists of a series of vocal exercises based on our introductory workshop, The Speaker Within. This workshop is designed to create more strength, variety, and connection in your speaking voice.

The Speaking to be Heard audio companion

The sessions in this audio companion build on our intermediate workshop on vocal delivery.

Interesting links

Check out the Vocal Straw Exercise video and the Voice Academy web page from the National Centre for Voice and Speech for tips on vocal health in the classroom.

Eric Armstrong's The Voice Guy website has excellent basic and intermediate warm-up exercises.

Resources for teaching large classes

By SFU Faculty

Video Resources

Other Resources