English as an additional language: Introduction

Multilingual students and how to support them

Many SFU students speak English as an additional language (EAL). In fact, nearly 60% of surveyed SFU students speak a non-English language at home.

People often assume that EAL students are citizens of foreign countries, but most EAL students at SFU are Canadian citizens or permanent residents who were raised in non-English-speaking or multilingual homes. In fact, only 14% of undergraduates at SFU are foreign citizens studying in Canada on a student visa.

As part of our mandate to enhance the student experience at SFU, and in response to the university's commitment to making learning accessible to all, the Teaching and Learning Centre is partnering with other members of the teaching and learning support network to share information and organize learning opportunities for those who wish to:

  • Plan curriculum, courses and teaching and learning activities that actively use linguistic diversity to achieve program or course learning objectives
  • Help students read, write and speak English more proficiently

This section of the TLC website describes practical tools, key literature and resources related to EAL pedagogy and language support.

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