David Rubeli

Educational Consultant, School of Business


David Rubeli (MA in English, M.Ed. in higher education) joined the TLC in 2009. He works with instructors and staff to plan and evaluate learning activities, courses, and programs. As a consultant, he emphasizes pragmatism and capacity building: "In my view, the best approach to becoming a better instructor is to read and draw inspiration from relevant educational literature, to reflect on your beliefs, passions, intentions, and experience, and to use the ideas that emerge to shape your day-to-day practice. In my own case, it took me several years to realize that reading about tips and tricks or mimicking other people's generic approaches is unsatisfying. I had to learn more about the students in my courses and the different ways that people experience the content and learning situation."

When asked what excites him most about working with the Beedie School of Business, David emphasizes the school's focus on student engagement and community: "I'm struck by the permeability of the boundaries between the curriculum, co-curricular activities, and industry at Beedie. It is a pleasure to work with people who are committed to extending the learning experience beyond the boundary of classrooms into the local community and global economy."

As an experienced English and applied communication instructor and educational developer, David is passionate about learning from and with others: "I look forward to working with Beedie faculty members to explore emerging ideas in the fields of business and management education. The Case Method was one of the earliest ideas I explored when I started to study academic development in the late 1990s. Now I'm fascinated by research on Business Discourse, design-based pedagogy, social entrepreneurship, classroom response systems, and the integration of traditional liberal education values with the pragmatic aims of preparing all students to be successful as they pursue their chosen career trajectories after graduation. I'm convinced that these research traditions offer principles and practices that we can use to improve the learning experiences for all students."

In addition to his work with the Beedie School of Business, David contributes to the TLC's strategic communication efforts and institutional initiatives on English language support, aboriginal graduate education, and health promotion.


Outside of work, David enjoys running, tennis, and skiing, and he and his wife Fiona are proud parents of identical twin daughters.