Michael Lockett

Educational consultant, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Michael Lockett is a curriculum scholar with a background in literary studies and mathematics. He completed his PhD at Queen’s University under the tutelage of Drs. Rebecca Luce-Kapler and Sam McKegney. His CGS SSHRC–funded dissertation, Education by Metaphor, explores metaphor and analogical thinking from the perspectives of curriculum theorizing, poetics and literary criticism. In addition to teaching courses for the Faculty of Education and Queen’s School of English, Michael also developed and taught a literary arts program in a federal penitentiary.

Prior to his doctoral studies, he completed his MA in English at the University of New Brunswick. Shortly thereafter he moved to Tashigang, Bhutan, where he worked for the Royal University of Bhutan’s English department as a lecturer and curriculum consultant. Michael also completed a BA (Hons) in mathematics and English at Dalhousie University, before teaching those same subjects as a secondary classroom teacher in Vermont and the Yukon Territory.

Though Michael’s approach to education is influenced by a variety of scholars both contemporary and classical, two Canadian academics, Jan Zwicky and Ross Leckie, are of paramount importance to his practice. He finds the pairing of pragmatic and theoretical concerns in curriculum work tremendously rewarding and he’s fascinated by educational questions of many persuasions, especially those invested in pedagogical language, ethics and curricular aesthetics.    

Beyond using his curricular expertise to support instructors and departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Michael also contributes to institutional initiatives, including the Academic Integrity Committee and the Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning (CPUTL).