Vivian Neal

Educational Consultant, Faculty of Applied Sciences


Vivian Neal has been an educational developer for many years, working on curriculum development and helping faculty members and instructors to develop their teaching practice and their understanding of teaching and learning. She has taught as a faculty member, a sessional instructor, and a non-credit instructor at several universities in Ontario, British Columbia, and the UK. Her passion lies in the integration of education for sustainable development into courses and curricula, especially using the framework of “campus as a living lab.” She also works with local and regional stewardship groups to help preserve natural ecosystems on Burnaby Mountain and with the Land Conservancy of British Columbia. She holds a Master of Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia, and she is a Professional Engineer.


Vivian supports instructors to develop and plan transformative learning experiences to engage students more deeply with relevant issues and topics within their own disciplines and across multiple disciplines.

Her research focusses on education for sustainable development (ESD) with the practical goal of supporting faculty and faculty developers to understand the principles and integrate the practices of ESD.