Document Solutions

Document Solutions is Simon Fraser University’s in-plant print shop dedicated to providing quality and value-added print and document management services to the SFU community. Our goal is to support corporate, academic and communication initiatives at SFU in developing timely and compelling solutions, minimizing departmental processing costs and providing convenience + excellence in customer service.

As a self-funded Ancillary Service, Document Solutions constantly explores new business opportunities via our innovation and expanded service offerings including demonstrating community and global leadership through our sustainability practices.  We take pride in our work supporting the daily needs of SFU for administrative and educational printing for academic, marketing, learning, and testing materials

We collaborate with other BC post-secondary institutions through joint initiatives and partnerships. SFU is the recognized print-hub for the PSI sector as Document Solutions prints exam booklets for most of the institutions in BC and provide print-on-demand services for the BCCampus Open Textbook initiative.