Fair Trade Work-Study Opportunity

Fair Trade Research and Community Engagement: Work-Study Opportunity

Summer 2017 (May 9th – August 31st)

As a Fair Trade Campus, SFU is challenging international trade status quo that is increasingly leaving millions of workers and farmers below the poverty line and struggling to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.

Are you passionate about trade justice and global economic development? Awesome, so are we! You may be eligible to participate in a fair trade work-study opportunity this summer!

Project Purpose: Develop, maintain and support the expansion of the fair trade movement on campus, and within the UniverCity and Burnaby communities.

Qualifications: Event planning skills. Time management. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge and application of basic qualitative and quantitative research. Comfortable interacting with students, faculty and staff. Knowledge of online survey tools. Social media skills.

1.      Research and survey students, faculty and administration to access knowledge and attitudes towards fair trade. Research methods/strategies for volunteer retention and student engagement. Collect fair trade purchasing data on campus to access impact of SFU's purchasing. Access the amount of non-fair trade products on campus and within the UniverCity community. Summarize research results and make recommendations.
2.      Develop social media strategy based on research and campus stakeholder consultation.
3.      Consult with other campuses in the Vancouver area to coordinate a fair trade challenge during Fair Trade Campus Week.
4.      Develop fair trade outreach and education PowerPoint presentations.
5.      Develop a "SFU Fair Trade Newsletter" template and structure.
6.      Research high school and elementary schools in the Burnaby area and develop youth engagement plan for fair trade engagement.
7.      Research relevant funding opportunities for international student travel and develop a "Fair Trade Origin Trip" student application process.   

Number of students requested: 2

Deadline: April 10th (flexible)

1.      Apply online by logging in to the Student Information System (
2.      Click on "Apply for Bursaries/Work-Study".
3.      Complete and submit your application.

Please email for more information.