November 04, 2021

And that’s a wrap: Fair Trade Campus Week 2021 was a huge success! 

We kicked off the week with Ethical Bean Coffee samples and had plenty of other give outs during the week: bananas, brownies, tea, hot chocolate, and more! It was great to connect with the SFU community on campus again and see so many people interested in Fair Trade. Thank you to everyone who came to try our samples, spin the wheel, and take pictures. An extra special congratulations to our scavenger hunt winners!

We had the opportunity to talk to The Point Church and Blenz about their advocacy of Fair Trade. As the only Blenz location serving Fairtrade coffee, it was inspiring to hear about the campus location’s process in sourcing different Fairtrade certified products to position the brand as more ethical and sustainable while also committing to high quality ingredients. The Point Church shared their experience becoming the first Fairtrade church in Vancouver.

Many people asked us how they can support Fair Trade. One of our tips is to buy one Fairtrade product a week. Grab a coffee from Renaissance or Blenz, tea at the Dining Hall or Mackenzie Cafe, or buy cotton t-shirts and chocolate at SFU bookstore. Now that you’ve tried some of the delicious options we have on campus, it’s easy to choose Fairtrade certified products!