October 24, 2021

From October 25--29, SFU will be celebrating Fair Trade Campus Week, an annual week of recognition of all the Fairtrade certified products we have on campus and a way to celebrate our Fair Trade Gold campus designation. We have some exciting activities, samplings, prizes, cake, a walking talking banana, and a scavenger hunt planned for the week! There’s something new every day, so don’t miss out!


Scavenger Hunt

Now’s your chance to win a bundle of Fairtrade certified products: Collect all 5 stickers from 5 different stores on our Burnaby campus. The first 10 people to collect all 5 stickers will receive a prize kindly sponsored by Fair Trade Canada. This is open to all SFU students.

List of stores:

-SFU Dining Hall


-Mackenzie Cafe

-Renaissance Coffee

-SFU bookstore and spirit shop


Spin the Wheel

-More prizes!


Booths at Convo Mall (Other days will be at Convo Mall except Tuesday)

You can also check out our booths at the convocation hall, which will change daily. We’ll be providing different free samples everyday and information. Each day we have a different fairtrade product we will be focusing on:

Monday: Coffee

Tuesday: Banana (outside of Mackenzie Cafe)

Wednesday: Cotton and Sugar

Thursday: Tea

Friday: Chocolate


Listening Stories From an Individual Business and a Fairtrade Faith Group on Campus

Blenz will share their stories of why they choose to serve Fairtrade certified coffee from 12:00PM to 3:00PM on Friday. The Point, a fairtrade faith group from Multifaith Centre will share what their group does to support Fair Trade on Wednesday at our booth from 10:00 AM - 3:00PM.