the inspiration for Love Mother Earth is based in Indigenous environmental logic; the knowledge of place; one we learn from in our practice of place. Love Mother Earth is the practice of craft and of relationship, to think and make expressive arts that are rooted in HomeLand. 

the prints included in Love Mother Earth represent personal connections between people and their varied HomeLands. this print exchange creates a virtual community of artists concerned about the fate of the Earth, and is a grass-roots action that involves the gifting of multiple prints from each artist to other artists in the exhibition. 

Love Mother Earth, presented here, is a compilation of the collected prints. please see the following links for viewing, downloading, or to purchase a hard or soft cover publication.

Free Download 2006 Print Exchange Booklet

The SFU 2006 Print Exchange includes 
the works of 116 artists from six different 

spotted towhee by Jennifer McGowan

If we all learned to know the names and faces of the living Beings of our place, what would change in this modern time to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle? Love Mother Earth. To Love Mother Earth is to know and to be in relationship.

Please click here to preview SFU Print Exchange 2006: Love Mother Earth, or to order a hard or soft bound copy online.

Who we are: First Nations artists/mentors, students at Simon Fraser University, and community members. 
Thank you to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, First Nations Studies, and all living beings.

Spotted Owl by Gretchen Jandowski

exhibit: endangered species endangered planet

December 12-21, 2006

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the endangered species endangered planet exhibition consisted of linocuts by 116 artists from North America, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and Wales, and by several artists from the Vancouver area.

printmaking is a democratic and imperiled form of expression; some say that printmaking, like many of the Earth's species, is itself in danger of extinction, soon to be taken over by digital technologies. the works in this exhibition commented on the ever-growing number of animal and plant species that are endangered or on the verge of extinction.

endangered species took place April, 2007 at the SFU Gallery focusing on the jeopardized state of printmaking today.

this show was organized by annie ross, First Nations Studies, Archaeology and formerly SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, with help from Joe Feddersen, Evergreen State College, who was an artist/mentor to SFU in 2006.

Eagle by Joe Feddersen