tea and bannock stories is a grass-roots multi-generational, multi-national compilation of poets and artists. 
the final result is this compilation of poems and images was presented at a community gathering on Mother 
Earth Day, April 21, 2007, at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre amidst family, friends, songs, 
dances, art, poetry, tea and bannock. 


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from the poetry exchange.

artists and poets at the event:

Joe Feddersen
Elizabeth Woody: poetry
Chief Janice George: Coast Salish weaving
Willard Joseph: Coast Salish weaving
Mr. Smith: Maori songs
Rolland Nadjiwon: poetry
Bertha Truttle: First Nations herbal remedies
Nancy A. Luis: dream catchers
Sandra Joseph: wool weaving
Kat Norris: poetry and beadwork
Harriett Prince: pow-wow clothing
Jerry Whitehead: painting and prints
Jennifer McDougall: painting and drawing
Una-Ann and Brittany Hickson: blankets and pouches
Star Horn: traditional Mohawk jewlery 
Mary Suchell: traditional clothing
Ron "Super" Dan: stories and songs
Robert Pictou: organizer
The Chuang Family: community organizing and jewlery 
Brandon Bob: master of ceremonies
Steve Davis: videography
Judy and Clarence Sheena: songs and dances, pow-wow clothing, and photography
Chao Yu Chen: Buddhist pasteries
Patricia and Denise McKay: beadwork and poetry

Please see the artist mentor biographies for some of the above participants.

Tea and Bannock: 
Community of Poetic Voices (PDF)

this book was made possible with the generous support of the poets and artists whose work is included here.


we hope you enjoy these poems and artworks 
and they encourage you to create poetic books 
in your communities, with your friends, families, 
and associates.

this book is a labor in continuation of the age-old 
practices of sharing, generosity, and re-distribution
of wealth and knowledge traditional to our aboriginal 
communities. it is available soon in hardcover.

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of Tea and Bannock Stories: First Nations Community of poetic voices, poetry exchange 2007.


Image by Joe Feddersen

Tea and Bannock Stories:
First Nations Community of Poetic voices (Book)

The purpose of this modest publication is to share First Nations poetries about the Planet with others, to encourage community and communication between various peoples, and to celebrate, enjoy, write, read, and make poems and art.

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