Honouring Homeland and Her Beings: Weaving Conference 2009

Anjeanette has been weaving for five years, and is most proud of her wall hanging currently exhibited at the Squamish-Lil’wat 
Cultural Centre in Whistler, BC. (above right). Beyond her work with preschool and elementary schools, she has taught workshops such as the 31st Annual Elders Gathering/Workshop, and the 1st Annual Weaving Gathering. Many of her pieces have been for private use as well as for ceremonial purposes including: children’s tunics, sitting blankets, headbands, bags, men’s memorial sashes and regalia. Two of her newest pieces, “The First Salmon” and “The Four Seasons,” are included in the series of blankets displayed in Simon Fraser University’s Saywell Hall atrium illustrating the story of Burnaby Mountain.