Love Mother Earth represents the fruit of community collaboration. Our community is comprised of teachers, 
students, community leaders, Elders, artisans, business people, and political leaders. 
History is individualistic; it is multiple voices, and our collective experience.  Sharing expertise, experience, 
cultural and social protocols, and resources contributes to the richness of the work showcased on this website. 
Collaboration honours the history, talents, and words of all people within a larger global arena. Shared 
authority provides opportunity to build relationships, fostering a sense of community and trust. Reciprocal 
education allows everyone to benefit, learning new things in new ways, sharing work, process, theoretical 
and methodological principles, giving confidence, strength, and pride in the building of knowledge together.

The following links are people, organizations, and businesses affiliated with Love Mother Earth:

Organizations and Businesses

• Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
• Nevada Test Site Oral History Project
• Glorious Organics 
• Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society / Sundance Daycare
• Squamish Weaving House
• Tewa Women United
• Poo Ha Bah Indigenous Healing Centre
• Shundahai Network
• Pacific Custom Log Sorting
• Nature's Garden Organic Deli
• Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia
• Oregon State University, Corvallis
• Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
• Justin Spence, photographer, Slow Flow Photography


• The Honorable Steven L. Point, Sto:lo Nation
• Cobin Harney (d. 2007)
• Chief Gibby Jacobs, Squamish Nation
• Chief Janice George, Squamish Nation
• Gilbert Sanchez, former Tribal Council Chairman, San Ildefonso Pueblo
• Kathy Sanchez, Director, Tewa Women United
• Elizabeth Woody, Poet
• Joe Feddersen, Artist
• Willard "Buddy" Joseph
• Dr. Linc Kessler, University of British Columbia
• Dr. Sunera Thobani, University of British Columbia
• Dr. Steven Crum
• Dr. Mary Palevsky, University of Nevada
• Mrs. Doris Bradshaw, Defense Depot Memphis TN. Concerned Citizens Committee
• Robert Nahanee, Squamish Nation
• Mitzi Jones, Squamish Nation