Guest poet and mentor/SFU Poetry Exchange 2007

Rolland Nadjiwon is a writer, poet, and educator from the Potowatomi tribe. Nadjiwon’s poems, essays, and short stories are published in international literary and scholarly journals in Canada and the United States. His first collection of poems,Seven Deer Dancing, was published in 2005 (1), and public readings of his work have been presented at the CBC’s notable Glenn Gould Studios (2).  

In 1994 Nadjiwon received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from Algoma University, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (3). He has taught Literature, English Composition, Literary Theory, and Creative Writing at First Nations University, Ryerson University and Algoma University(4). He serves on the advisory board at the Centre for Indian Scholars (5), and as an editor of international literary and arts magazine Rampine (6).