Guest of Honour at Honouring Homeland and Her Beings: Weaving Conference 2009

Esteemed Elder, Mrs. Rena Point Bolton, Sumas Reserve, Kilgard, Stolo Nation: Mrs. Bolton is a foundational link between the traditional weavers and culture bearers and those working today, having learned from her grandmother and mother in her home Nation. Her expertise as a weaver and teacher are complemented with her decades of service in the Indian Homemakers Association and the Indian Crafts Assistance Program. During her time, she has served in many capacities to help actualize the rights of aboriginal peoples, such as the right to health care, education, and economic parity. She encouraged and taught aboriginal people to practice traditional aboriginal arts, when it was illegal to do so in Canada (prior to the 1951 lifting of the anti-potlatch law).

Mrs. Bolton has worked tirelessly behind the scenes her entire life in the service of others. We are honoured to have the opportunity to recognize her and to thank her on behalf of the university, for her work in helping others with human rights, and for her work in weaving.