Rena Point-Bolton

Biography: annie ross

Chief Janice George and Willard Joseph
3 Email from Chief Janice George, February 27th 2009

Jackie Timothy

1 Louise Barnes, Remembering Who You are and Where You Are From, class paper, SFU. Please see ‘student work’ within this website.

H.B. Jr.

Elizabeth Woody

Joe Feddersen

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Mr. Smith

Rolland Nadjiwon


Super Dan 

Research by Brandon Bob

Bill and Fran James
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Gracie Kelly

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Biography: Email from Gracie Kelly October 20, 2009..

Anjeanette Dawson

Biography: Email from Anjeanette Dawson October 19, 2009.

Rose Williams

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Biography: email from Rose Williams July 1, 2009

Laura Wong-Whitebear

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Theresa Ryan

Biography: Correspondence 2009