Honouring Homeland and Her Beings: Weaving Conference 2009

Penny is a retired science teacher specializing in working with students with behavior disorders. She began spinning wool in 1982, and weaving in 1986, yet her hobbies always included textiles. By selling handmade sweaters to a local outdoor sportswear shop, Penny used her knitting abilities to generate income through college. After ordering her yarn from the Scottish Islands of Shetland she became curious about how yarn was made. This curiosity led Penny to a new hobby of spinning yarn, admittedly making every mistake possible in the beginning. On recent trips to Peru and Morocco, she has had the opportunity to learn from other spinners and weavers, helping her make her yarn less lumpy, and to spin faster. Penny makes almost all the spindles she uses herself. She enjoys teaching so much she will even consult with people on public transportation or stuck in the middle of Vancouver traffic jams.