Explore the connection between university and high school through the journeys of current SFU Students that have found their passion in the Faculty of Environment. Created by students for students, this podcast aims to make the transition from high school feel less daunting by sharing the breadth of opportunities available in university and how others discovered their interests.

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your Hosts

CHLOE ROSS (she/her)

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Philosophy

Year: Third


Ryan Leung (he/him)

Major: Resource & Environmental Management 

Minor: Sustainable Development

Year: Fourth


SHAYE O'Donnel (she/her)

In our first episode we hear from Shaye, a Global Environmental Science Major studying in the Geography Department. Shaye always strives to have a positive impact on the environment, and even currently works at an ice-cream shop that has recently become a net-zero company.


Chantelle Foster (she/her)

Chantelle graduated in Spring 2021 from the Department of Archeology at SFU. She has had a fascinating academic career, and has even trained with the RCMP Forensic Search and Evidence Recovery Team (FSERT). She will share how her path in the Faculty of Environment led to a super cool job with the RCMP.


Ryan Leung (he/him)

Ryan is a current SFU Faculty of Environment student studying in the School of Resource and Environmental Management and is also pursuing a Minor in Sustainable Development. Ryan attends martial arts, has travelled to almost 15 other countries, and is also one of our Hosts!


Julia Dzgoeva (she/they)

Julia is a sixth-year student majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Resource and Environmental Management. Julia has completed an impressive number of co-ops and other experiential learning activities, and will show us how you can discover your passion at university.


LEO Dittmer (he/him)

Leo is a fourth-year student majoring in Human Geography whose passions in school include urban and social geographies, digital humanities, and contemporary arts. Outside of class Leo enjoys Vancouver’s vibrant outdoor spaces and urban environment, as well as photography, video games, books, writing, and creating art.


Isabel Nelson (she/her)

Isabel is currently studying in the Geography Department as well as being on the Faculty of Environment Leadership team, the USES Planning Committee, and the Geography Student Union as a Departmental Representative. Outside of school, she runs a non-profit organization called Young Minds Exploring Science.


Jonathan Ling (he/him)

Jonathan is currently studying in the Geography Department Majoring in Human Geography, as well as working on a Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Minoring in Business. In his spare time Jonathan plays badminton and field hockey. As a transfer student, Jonathan will share how his path led to SFU’s Faculty of Environment.


MARIA Preoteasa (she/her)

Maria is studying in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU. She is an avid performer, the Vice President of the Bachelor of Environment Student Union, and also volunteers to help remove invasive species and educate youth with the Burnaby Lake Parks Association.


Chloe Ross (she/her)

Chloe is an Environmental Science Major, who is also working towards a Minor in Philosophy. Passionate about Climate Change and Education, Chloe works with newcomers to Canada through an SFU Tutoring Program called Friends of Simon. She is also one of our Hosts!


JADEN Dyer (she/her)

Jaden is a fourth-year Environmental Science student. Outside of volunteering with the Faculty of Environment Student Leadership Team, she’s a climate activist; a mentor to incoming SFU students; an executive with her student union, an avid skier, paddleboarder, and volleyball player; and a dancer with the SFU Athletics Dance Team.


Emma Chong (she/her)

This episode we are joined by Emma, a current SFU Faculty of Environment Student Majoring in Archaeology while also completing a Global Information Science (GIS) certificate. Emma plays 3 different instruments and taught piano for 4 years.


Bradley Sarandi (he/him)

Bradley is majoring in Human Geography with a concentration in Society and Environment, Minoring in Sustainable development and is also completing certificates in Urban Studies and Environmental Literacy. Bradley is also featured in the Faculty of Environment’s Viewbook!


Anita So (she/her)

Anita is currently studying in the school of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU as well as minoring in Indigenous Studies. Anita enjoys spending time outdoors, especially to paddle or hike, and she also loves trying out new vegan recipes


Nathan Eastman: (he/him)

This episode we are joined by Nathan, a SFU Faculty of Environment Student who is currently studying in the School of Environmental Science, concentrating in Applied Biology. In his spare time Nathan enjoys skiing.


Rory Doucette (they/them)

Rory is currently majoring in Archaeology with honours, and is also completing a certificate in Biological Anthropology. Rory, who is also featured in the Faculty of Environment’s Viewbook, will share how they developed a passion for Forensic Archaeology.




Molly Mackay (she/her)

Molly is currently working on a double degree in Resource and Environmental Management as well as World Literatures and Languages. She will share how she has developed a passion for exploring how humans interact with the environment.