Bachelor of Arts

Conduct fieldwork, archaeological research, and study the theory and methods related to archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, Museum Studies, Human Evolution, and Physical Anthropology.

Explore current challenges facing communities around the world including: climate change, environmental hazards, urban growth, and learn how to identify solutions. Earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography.

Combine the insights of human geography with the strengths of Geographic Information Science and a deeper grounding in biophysical processes than in the Geography degree. This specialty addresses questions of resources, nature and sustainability.

A minor usually requires half the number of courses in relation to a major. You can add an optional minor to your degree with any major.  You can also complete two minors studying two program areas to earn your Bachelor of Art's degree.

Bachelor of Environment

Develop an expertise in biophysical and social systems through advanced data analysis/modeling courses and apply this to environmental and policy issues such as climate change.

Learn about natural resource management and gain an understanding of history and socio-cultural perspectives; Indigenous perspectives; communication and conflict resolution; and legislations, policy and regulation.

Earn either a Bachelor of Environment or a BBA in this joint major with the Beedie School of Business recognizes the need to adapt business practices to match an evolving global environment.

Bachelor of Science

Explore the complex relationships between humans and the environment in Applied Biology, Environmental Earth Systems, Environmentrics or Water Science.

Learn about GIS technologies to understand and interpret data in the form of maps, figures and models. This includes computer cartography, remote sensing, spatial data analysis and geovisualization.

Explore earth systems science to combine studies of the air (atmosphere), water, (hydrosphere), land (lithosphere) and ecosystems (biosphere) to understand the powerful environmental forces that influence our lives and the ways we are altering the Earth.