The Faculty of Environment offers a variety of ways to pursue your studies including degrees, certificates, minors and a post baccalaureate diploma. We also have breadth courses and you can explore courses simply out of interest. Find the right fit for you.

We offer the only Bachelor of Environment in Canada and also offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. 

Not sure which one to choose? 

If science is your passion, consider our Environmental Science or Phyical Geography programs; their first two years involve their own courses and also include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus to give you a solid scienctific base on which to further your studies. You could also look at Archaeology as they offer lab-based courses in forensic sciences. 

Are you interested in learning some science but mostly concerned with the social and human aspects of the environment? Consider a Bachelor of Environment. You can inform policy development at various levels with your knowledge of environmental sciences and studies in social sciences and humanities. 

Are you interested in the social sciences that relate to human/environment interactions? Geography offers two streams in their Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs and Archaeology also offers a BA. 

Not sure where to study?
You can begin your studies at all three campuses: SFU Surrey, SFU Vancouver and SFU Burnaby.