With a vision to lead innovative, community-engaged research and teaching that shape a just and sustainable world, it’s important that the Faculty of Environment doesn’t just talk about making the world a better place but actually takes action. Our annual Environmental Stewardship Challenge is one of the ways we do this.

From creekside clean-ups, to pulling invasive species in sensitive wetland areas or planting native plants to help restore habitats, our challenges have brought the classroom outside where students apply what they’ve been learning in the classroom to natural settings in our community.

The Environmental Stewardship Challenge is also about building community both internally and externally. Faculty, staff and students reconnect with alumni and we invite local high schools and community partners to join us. Working side by side, we get a little bit dirty, learn a thing or two, get to know one another better and leave the ecosystem a little bit healthier.

2024 Environmental Stewardship Challenge: Celebrate Earth Day with us in the new Food Forest learning space!

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