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For the spring semester, the Dean’s Office piloted a community-based program called Bridging Environments, connecting Environment students with local high school students who are keen to affect positive change. Providing knowledge-based mentorship empowered them to implement projects that support sustainability in a variety of ways.

Geography student receives Tim Rahilly Award for Service

Jonathan Ling, a fourth year Human Geography student, is the successful recipient of the Tim Rahilly Award for Service. This $1000 award recognizes outstanding unpaid service to the university community.   

Julia Dzgoeva's Work-Study Experience

Julia, a 6th year Environmental Science student recently finished a nine-month work-study position as a research assistant to Dr. Robert Hackett, a professor emeritus in the School of Communication.

Urban changemaking from home: how a pandemic-centered course enabled student-led action

SD 499 - Pandemics in Cities, gave Geography's Marina Miller the opportunity to understand & weigh-in on how COVID-19 will impact our cities. "Applying my learning to a real-world problem left me feeling empowered & hopeful for the future of our cities."

Earth Day 2021

Amid the past year of fluctuations and unprecedented changes, people are expressing growing concern about the spotlight shifting away from climate change to the more pressing threat of a global pandemic. In this same time period there have been claims that the pandemic has given us a much needed break from our harmful activities, acted as an urgent wake up call, and created opportunities to build back our communities in more sustainable ways. 

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Bridging Environments

Geography student receives Tim Rahilly Award for Service

Julia Dzgoeva's Work-Study Experience

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Urban changemaking from home: how a pandemic-centered course enabled student-led action

Earth Day 2021

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Jonathan Ling: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path

Katy Au: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straigth path

Xuzheng (Kyree) Chen: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path

Rory Doucette: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path

SFU professor emphasizes need for female representation in science academia

Evangeline Lapalme: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path

Sterling Hillman: Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path

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3 SFU Faculty of Environment Researchers Receive $213k to Advance Work

Physical watershed scientist joins new School of Environmental Science

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Experiential learning and Indigenous collaboration help Archaeology grad succeed

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Commitment to community earns Dean’s Convocation Medal

Perfect score and new modelling approaches earn PhD grad top honours

REM graduate shares positive insights about graduating in the midst of a global pandemic

Geography grad’s perseverance leads to a new-found passion for knowledge

Archaeology grad’s unconventional path to convocation

Dean Krogman speaks out on racism and discrimination, applauding those making an effort to create change.

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Celebrating Earth Day

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