Vision and Goals


SFU’s On-campus Professional Events Network (OPEN) helps members of the university community responsible for events to create and execute memorable engaging guest-centered events that achieve the department or faculty’s strategic objectives and align with the university’s vision.      


The On-campus Professional Events Network (OPEN) supports event planners across all three campuses to produce events that showcase SFU as a leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research and far-reaching community engagement.

To accomplish this, OPEN will facilitate:   

  1. The sharing of knowledge and resources:
    1. Best practices, systems, trends, internal and external contacts
    2. Ongoing education (via virtual and in-person gatherings and workshops)
    3. On-line resources (i.e. templates, timelines, venue research, etc.)
    4. Alignment with university objectives, priorities, event protocols and communications and branding
    5. Clarification of internal and institutional processes
  2. The creation of an on-campus event planning community in order to:
    1. Be inspired and motivated by your colleagues’ innovative work and to collaborate with your colleagues where appropriate
    2. Meet event professionals from across the campus to share your passion and excellence in event planning
    3. Grow and evolve as you collaborate and share with your colleagues