Flag protocol

Ceremonies and Events arranges for the changing of flag sets and the lowering of flags throughout the year. There are two sets of flags on SFU's Burnaby campus; one at the entrance to the university and one at Cornerstone Town Square.

Read more about SFU's policies and procedures for the displaying of flags.

Current flag sets on display

University entrance: Official flags

  • British Columbia provincial flag
  • Canadian flag
  • Simon Fraser University flag


Cornerstone Town Square
SFU is flying the NHL Cities flag set for the opening of the NHL hockey season (October 15 - November 4). Order of flags from west to east:

  • Vancouver flag
  • Calgary flag
  • Edmonton flag
  • Winnipeg flag
  • Toronto flag
  • Ottawa flag
  • Montreal flag
  • Vancouver Canucks flag
  • Calgary Flames flag
  • Edmonton Oilers flag
  • Winnipeg Jets flag
  • Toronto Maple Leafs flag
  • Ottawa Senators flag
  • Montreal Canadiens flag

Lowering of the flags

Flags are lowered in accordance with Policy AD 1.02 and an advisory notice will appear here.