Event brief

The event brief summarizes the event in one document and is an informative reference to advise SFU internal stakeholders about the event. It can also be edited to share relevant information with external partners, sponsors and vendors. 

What to include in an event brief:

  • Event summary
    A brief outline of the key details of your event
  • Event objectives
    What you are aiming to achieve with your event 
  • Success measures
    How you will measure the success of your event
  • Core messages
    The message(s) you are trying to pass on to your guests 
  • Background
    Any background information that SFU internal stakeholders should know about
  • Issues/Risks
    Sensitive issues and risks that need to considered and how they will be managed
  • Speakers
    A list of key people who will speak at the event e.g. emcee, president, dean, student, researcher, government official, etc. 
  • Guest list
    A list of key groups of people that will be invited to the event (include internal and external guests)
  • Event sponsors and partners
    A list of key sponsors and/or partners that have supported your event/project
  • Program schedule
    The structure and timing of the event
  • Parking and security
    An outline of the parking and security detail for the event
  • Marketing and communications
    How your event will be publicized to your guests and media sources
  • Catering
    An outline of the food and beverage service planned for the event e.g. light refreshments, three-course dinner, cocktail reception, etc.)
  • Event contacts
    A list of event lead contact information


* Event-Brief-Template.docx
Download the Event Brief Template

NOTE: If you're considering inviting the president or chancellor to your event, the C&E office will likely need to be involved. Please contact open@sfu.ca and provide them with a draft of your event brief. 

For events on campus which do not involve the C&E office, please consider circulating the brief to event stakholders as applicable (e.g. Communications & Marketing; Security; Meeting, Event and Conference Services (MECS); speakers; etc.).