If you do the AEP Assignment you must choose a workshop, video, or reading and then write a report, as described below.

Students from CMPT  120   do this AEP report only in case they did not participate in the AEP 101 workshop. That is, students who participate in the workshop do not do the report.

  • ****   Deadline to submit the report:   Friday of  Week 11 , 11:59 PM   ****
  • SUBMIT  the report in your course management systme ( Coursys or Canvas); the AEP assignment will be available as any other assignment.

The AEP assignment activity consists of the following:


  • attending a workshop:
    • if you are a CMPT 120 D400 student attend a workshop of your choice, which may be AEP 101 if you did not attend it before, or a workshop offered by the Student Learning Commons (SLC), or the Online Services provided by  Health and Counselling Services (HCS), or possibly another department or university (you need to be approved in this latter case).
  • OR (if no workshop works for your schedule) complete a reading or video   related to learning, time management and/or other academic related topics with a focus on learning or wellness, in particular connected to computing science, such as articles about learning to program or other topics in computing science education.


  • writing a one page report about the workshop you attended, reading, or video.

Try to figure out which workshop you will attend as soon as possibleThese are free workshops, but you may need to sign up. You may want to attend more than one workshop and then choose the workshop you prefer to report on.

The deadline for this assignment is in the second half of the semester, so that you have time to choose the workshop you prefer. Notice however that the assignment itself should not take you too long; you are asked to write a report of about one page. Again: If you cannot find an adequate workshop you can choose a reading or video. There is also the possibility that you propose to attend a different workshop from those listed here, in which case you need pre-approval.

If you have any questions please contact the AEP program coordinator, Diana Cukierman,

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