The School of Computing Science offers programs leading to the M.Sc. and PhD degrees (see degree requirements). Graduate courses are offered in three terms/semesters (fall, spring, and summer) per year. 

PhD and M.Sc. thesis students are research-oriented and they are provided with financial support by the School, pending satisfactory progress. Graduate research may be conducted in a diverse set of research areas under the supervision of Computing Science faculty members

Students interested in taking graduate courses to obtain an M.Sc. degree are recommended to consider our Professional Master of Science in Computer Science (see below). All graduate students can participate in the graduate co-op program and, in some cases, earn academic credits towards their degree.

Several exciting and innovative programs, including the Professional Master's Program in Computing Science, are designed to meet the interests and needs of current and prospective graduate students.

PhD Program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computing Science is a research-intensive program that has a primary emphasis on the thesis. The Program provides an environment for interdisciplinary education in theoretical and applied Computer Science.

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M.Sc. Thesis Program

The Master of Science (MSc) in Computing Science is a research-intensive program that has a primary emphasis on the M.Sc. thesis. The program provides an environment for education in theoretical and applied Computer Science. 

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Master's in Professional Computer Science

The School of Computing Science offers a full-time master's program in professional computer science allowing students to take courses in areas like data science, data engineering, computer vision, computer graphics, deep learning, computer security, software security and more. 

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Accelerated M.Sc. Program

The Accelerated Master's allows undergraduate students to take graduate level courses and apply these to both their undergraduate and graduate course requirements. This is not a degree program, but a path that allows SFU undergraduate students planning to pursue graduate studies to complete their graduate coursework in less time. 

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SFU-ZJU Graduate Dual-Degree Program (GDDP)

Launched in September 2010 the GDDP is a unique program in Canada, and the first of this kind, jointly developed by Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Zhejiang University (ZJU), China. The program builds on the highly successful and award-winning SFU-ZJU undergraduate dual-degree program (DDP) and allows students to experience graduate studies in both China and Canada. 

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