CMPT/CS Is the code for courses taught by Computing Science in our registration system.  So, a lot of the time, you’ll find the program referred to as CMPT. CS is the abbreviation for Computing Science (or Computer Science – they mean essentially the same thing).
COGS Cognitive Science – the connection between Psychology, Linguistics, Computing and Philosophy.  In essence this program studies how both people and computers understand their environments, make decisions and communicate those decisions.
Co-op Co-operative Education -  a program where you will take semesters off school in order to work in jobs that are relevant to your career and educational goals.
CSSS Computing Science Students’ Society – this is the official representative organization of computing science undergraduate students at SFU Burnaby.  It runs events, advocates for students and provides some services for CS students.
CSIL Computing Science Instructional Lab – this is a large set of computer labs where some of your classes will be.  It is also an open computing lab that you will have access to 24/7 for project work either for courses, or for personal interest.  The computers there are loaded with all kinds of developer’s software.