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SFU students are members of a diverse, dynamic, and welcoming community. At SFU, campus life is rich with opportunities to engage with people, ideas and activities that contribute to personal development and a better world.

We strive to give our students the tools and support they need to thrive by building a powerful sense of community and belonging from their first day on campus to graduation and beyond. And we work every day to promote a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for the entire university community, with services and support that attend to the academic, health and well-being of every student from every background.

For information about the events, services and resources available to SFU students, visit SFU’s student dashboard.

Student Experience Initiative

SFU’s Student Experience Initiative (SEI) is a multi-year collaboration among faculty, staff, and students to help students have the best possible university experience.

Through SEI, we are developing new opportunities for student engagement within the university community that promote an accessible, healthy learning environment for all students.

  • Welcome Days helps ease the transition to university for new students with activities like movie nights, Friday Night Carnival, and speed friending.
  • The HIVE Program connects new undergraduates to fellow students and mentors who are in the same faculty.
  • The Accessibility Project considers the impacts of university processes to identify gaps that affect students with disabilities.
  • MYSSP provides 24/7 mental health services in a variety of languages supported by a wide network of healthcare providers.
  • The Student Communication Guide supports departments, faculty, and staff to continuously improve communication with students.
  • Advisor Link helps student advisors give the best possible academic and personal counsel and direction.