Anthony Okuchi

Business Management, Human Resources Management

With his multi-faceted career background, instructor Anthony Okuchi brings a wealth of experience to our Organizational Behaviour course. Trained as a CPA, Anthony has worked in Canada and overseas, in fields as diverse as retail operations and real estate development. Currently the director of operations at Modo, Vancouver’s local member-owned car share organization, he oversees everything from strategic planning and capital projects to day-to-day vehicle operations.

Anthony, what's been the highlight of your career so far? 

Seeing my staff grow and develop into the next generation of leaders in Vancouver. There is no greater joy than seeing your employees flourish and mature into successful leaders. 

How do you apply your own career experience to your teaching? 

I’ve been lucky to have had experiences working in roles in finance, insurance, marketing, operations and strategy. People are surprised that a CPA can be a marketing person! This also includes various work experiences overseas. I like to use this experience to broaden students’ perspectives by getting them to grow their global mindsets, build their capability to have 360-degree organizational view, and become more flexible in addressing the dynamically changing multicultural workplace.

What do you enjoy about teaching the Organizational Behaviour course?

I see that Vancouver lacks strong people leaders, and organizations and employees are suffering from a lack of coaching, mentoring and guidance, as managers have little time, and experience to lean in and develop staff. We’ve just become so busy managing transactions versus people. I feel that I have an opportunity to build the next generation of transformational leaders in Vancouver, and I feel lucky to be able to influence this in a small way.  

Why do you think this course is important, and who can benefit from it?

Primarily the course is focused on people wishing to become great people leaders, or experienced managers looking for the next level of performance. It gives you the framework to understand the latest best practices in people management and leadership. I also see students participating who are looking for personal growth and insight into how they can become better people. The course is designed with a mindset to challenge deeply, and inspire students to take action on their transformational journeys.

Can you tell us about your volunteer work? 

I volunteer for the Canadian Development Foundation. I have volunteered overseas in Cambodia, Ghana, Uganda and Mongolia since 2004. This work has focused on capacity building, strategic planning, internal auditing and governance issues. I love this overseas experience as I learn different cultural mindsets, build my ability to facilitate across cultural boundaries, address conflict and negotiations in novel situations, and feel as if I am making a difference transferring skills to a country in need. Admittedly, I also love to travel, so it’s great to work in a country for a period of time and really experience a country!

Do you have a favourite quote that’s inspired you? 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, but learn as if you were to live forever,” from Mahatma Gandhi. I love this quote as it reminds me to always learn something new, but to also be mindful and appreciate every day in a little way.