Anthony Okuchi

Business Management, Human Resources Management

Finance and marketing executive, global volunteer, mentor, traveller and pocket-square wearing biker—Anthony Okuchi is a die-hard finance leader at heart.

As director of operations at Modo, he is responsible for managing a 600-vehicle fleet, fleet staff, operations, project management, budget, organizational process enhancements and a new technology project for 2018.

In his previous role at LGM, he led a product marketing department that managed, launched and incubated new and innovative finance and insurance products for the automobile industry. In his 20-plus years as a banker at Vancity, he started from humble beginnings as a front-line teller to eventually working in consumer research, marketing, product management, IT, real estate development, strategy, retail operations, wealth management and business operations. This range of experience allows Anthony to be a true integrative thinker who is able to see the forest and the least when it comes to banking.

Anthony has an MBA from Queen’s University, and CPA, and has studied international business practices in Shanghai and cooperative models in Italy, as well as consulting in Australia. In addition, he has a strong community focus on delivering strong impact in our neighbourhoods. Anthony has volunteered his time to design and facilitate business management training in Cambodia, Mongolia, Uganda and Ghana through the Canadian Co-operative Association, and he has volunteered for the Carnegie Centre and the Gathering Place for the homeless in downtown Vancouver.

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