Sample Jobs 

Discover the different co-op jobs that are available to you. Click on a specific job title for a description of some of the duties that the position encompasses.

Air Issues Research Assistant

In this position, the student will work with the Senior Air Quality Planner and other members of the Air Quality Management Section to accomplish some or all of the following:

  • Research, analysis and provision of findings and recommendations to senior staff on air emissions issues, control and management;
  • Providing input on projects related to air quality by gathering, reviewing and commenting on available material (e.g. human health impacts of air pollution, marine vessel emissions, cleaner fuels);
  • Assist with the organization and administration of meetings and conferences, which may include meetings of the Georgia Basin-Puget Sound International Airshed Strategy, Border Air Quality Strategy, and others;   

Emergency Planning Research Assistant

Utilizing the guidelines and standards set out by the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP), our company provides detailed Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, emergency plans, response and recovery plans, crisis communication plans, business impact assessment and continuity plans, Incident Command Systems (ICS) and emergency management training to a wide range of clients.  As leaders in the field of emergency management, our products and services are second to none. Your tasks will include:

  • Collecting background information relating to topography, climate, population demographics and industry for various locations and organizations throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 
  • Identifying and substantiating natural and technological hazards (current and historical) that could potentially impact a region or organization. 
  • Identifying vulnerabilities that can impair a region or organization’s capacity to prevent or respond to an emergency.    

Environment Technician

This position will involve fieldwork including drilling, soil sampling, well installations, groundwater sampling and monitoring, water level monitoring and contouring, as well as data compilation and interpretation. Sites are likely to be anywhere within British Columbia and some travel from our offices in Vancouver, Victoria or Edmonton will be required. Our company conducts site assessments and remediation at sites impacted with metals, hydrocarbons and preservation products, among other contaminants. Currently, there is a need for assistance at several of our in-situ hydrocarbon remediation project sites, as well as metal impacted site with Permeable Reactive Barrier installed. There may also be opportunities to assist with report writing and office work. The focus is on fieldwork and data collection. Experienced staff and Project Managers will provide supervision and direction on all tasks.

GIS Technician

To provide assistance to the land Information Specialist (Senior GIS staff) in providing spatial data management and analysis support for regional projects. Projects may include, but are not limited to: Regional data warehouse rationalization, iMap theme rationalization and maintenance, Spatial Analysis and modeling. To use various technical tools (ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcGIS, Internet/Intranet, FTP) assisting users with timely, effective access to GIS products and services.    

Planning Assistant

The candidate will undertake planning research activities for the Regional District as well as for four municipalities located within the Regional District. The primary functions for this position will be assisting in an Air Quality Management Planning Process, report writing and reporting on land development applications, as well as responding to public enquiries. 

Regional Environmental Services Assistant

Assist in the development, implementation and delivery of public education and information programs specified in the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). Effectively communicate the general goals and requirements of the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan and the associated initiatives. Under the direction of Environmental Services and Operations Staff:  communicates with non-government organizations, private solid waste management and/or recycling companies, and staff of other government agencies toward the development and implementation of Solid Waste Management initiatives. As directed, prepare and maintain records, statistics, reports and correspondence, Microsoft Office Productivity Tools. Effectively interact with the public to discuss program initiatives in a manner that is tactful, clear, concise and appropriate. Research solid waste management initiatives, issues, and services through consultation, surveys, literature/internet reviews, and other means and prepare recommendations in report format.  

Watershed Stewardship Research Assistant

To assist with the ‘Water Wise Program’ and other projects relating to groundwater protection and conservation.  Field duties may include surveying, sampling, monitoring and conducting public out-reach.  Office-based tasks will include assembling and analyzing water quality data, entering records into databases, conducting statistical analyses and generating charts and maps for use in studies and council presentations.  Report writing may be required.