Faculty Positions - Continuing

Assistant Professor (2 positions)

Faculty Positions - Term

No positions are available at this time.

Sessional Instructor and Course Supervisor Positions

Sessional Instructor and Course Supervisor positions are generally posted in January for Summer term, May for Fall term, and September for Spring term.  Please note that all positions are subject to budgetary approval and contingent on enrollment.

Sessional Instructor Positions for Fall 2023

Application Form

Application deadline: April 3, 2023.

Please email complete applications, including the Application Form, to

Teaching Assistant Positions

In order to be appointed a person must have sufficient knowledge in the discipline of the course to interpret the course material, competency in oral and written English, and willingness to undertake some specific course designation training sessions.  Students interested in Teaching Assistant positions should inquire about training sessions. 

Students must complete and submit the TA application form by the posted deadline to be considered for a position. 

Summer 2023 (1234) TA Postings

Appointment dates:  May 2 to August 31, 2023.

Application: Please complete the application form and send to

Deadline:  April 6, 2023.

Important Notes

  • Some instruction may be conducted through remote methods, which will entail different modes of instruction, interaction with students and marking practices.
  • TAs must be available for scheduled components including lectures, tutorials and exam invigilation.
  • Some positions may be less than 5BU.
  • All positions are dependent on course enrollments and are subject to budgetary approval.

TA Appointment Priorities

In allocating Teaching Assistant positions, the School of Criminology will take into account any or all of the following:

1. Suitability for particular courses (e.g. discipline of prior degree(s), publications, experience, instructor preference);

2. Applicant’s preferences.

If an assignment within a priority group requires a selection between applicants, the graduate student without financial support from merit based scholarships or merit based fellowships during the semester of appointment will have priority for the appointment.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement, the assignment given a Teaching Assistant/Tutor-Marker will not normally be fewer than three (3) or more than seven (7) base units, although it is not possible for the School of Criminology to guarantee applicants an appointment to a particular course and/or to a particular number of tutorials in any given semester.