Field Practice Program | Field Practice Guidelines for Community Partners

The key contact for the field practice program is Dawn Rault, Field Practice Coordinator.

  1. The student must be involved in the activities of the agency as much as practically possible. The student should be involved in activities where they can demonstrate core, professional criminology values, theory, knowledge and skills.

  2. The agency must provide the student with opportunities and conditions that will support their success in meeting their learning goals. The role and/or tasks assigned to the student should be practically oriented, not simply observation or research tasks.

  3. The student should gain a good working knowledge of this particular sector of the criminal justice system.

  4.  The agency should provide opportunities to encourage a student’s understanding of the professional work role and activities in the field of criminology in the context of the organization and broader community.

  5. The agency must assign a “field supervisor” to the student whose responsibilities include the coordination and supervision of the student’s field work experience and the completion of the student’s two performance evaluations.

  6. Time must be allotted for the student to attend three, three hour seminars (at SFU Burnaby) during the semester.

See the Field Placement Program Manual for a full list of field placement guidelines for community partners.