The School of Criminology offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of master of arts and doctor of philosophy that are designed for, but not restricted to, individuals graduating with a bachelors or masters degree in criminology, or students with a background in one or more of the behavioral or social sciences, or with legal training, who are interested in becoming specialists in criminology.

There are a number of options for students interested in pursuing a master's (MA) degree within the School of Criminology. Students may complete a traditional MA by coursework and thesis. Those who wish to engage in a practicum experience and/or pursue applied/evaluation research, may do so within the MA program.

The doctoral program involves coursework, comprehensive examinations, and completion of a PhD thesis.

The School of Criminology has both a strong national and international focus. Undergraduate and graduate students come from all parts of Canada. At the international level, persons enrolled in the MA and PhD programs have come from Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Japan, Jamaica, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.