Information for Students | Application Process

Undergraduate students applying for the field practice program must be prepared, academically and otherwise, for the practicum experience. The application process is designed to ensure that students who are accepted into the program are prepared to represent SFU in the community with integrity, maturity, and high ethical standards.

Step 1: What do you like to do?

Begin thinking one semester before you plan to take the course where you would like to work. Thinking about the kinds of work you’d like to do is essential at an early stage.

Whether you are involved in the part time or full time option, you are required to commit to work with a community partner for a full semester – which is a lot of time!

Step 2: Ensure you have the prerequisites

To apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a formal Criminology major or honors student
  • Completed at least 90 credits
  • Hold a cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • Completed CRIM 485 Professional Development – Field Placement

It is strongly recommended that students applying for specific field placements have completed & demonstrated academic strength in courses related to those placements.

Step 3: Apply to the field practice coordinator

Students who meet these minimum requirements apply to the field pratice coordinator for admission into the field practice program at least one semester before their preferred placement is set to start.

This is to give students who are admitted into the program time to find an appropriate field placement. 

Step 4: Find a placement

Upon the student’s acceptance into the program, they will obtain assistance in finding a field placement with a community organization. The descriptions of eligible field placements will be made available through the field placement link on the School of Criminology’s website and to students through Canvas.

Applications for field placements will be made through Canvas to the field placement coordinator, who will forward all applications on to community organizations. The community organizations will then screen applications, interview, and select the students that they believe are best suited to work with them.


Step 5: Get permission to enroll

Students who successfully obtain a field placement must immediately email the field practice coordinator at

Ms. Love will give you permission to enroll in CRIM 486-1 and CRIM 488-5 (if the student is in the part time field placement) or in CRIM 487-3 and CRIM 489-9 (if the student is in the full-time program).

Ms. Love will also give you the documents she needs you to sign prior to your field placement.

Step 6: Begin fieldwork

Students begin their fieldwork on the first day of the semester at the appropriate agency (five days a week if full time placement, 3 days a week if part time placement) up to and including the last day of the semester.

During the practicum, students are expected to keep regular working hours of the agency and are responsible to their agency field supervisor for their work assignments and their work performance.

For the academic component - CRIM 488 (part time) and CRIM 489 (full time) - students will attend three mandatory workshops at the faculty and submit the required assignments to their academic supervisor.