Field Practice Program | Information for Students

Our Criminology Field Practice Program integrates learning with service for undergraduate students who want to put their skills to action in the community. The program is optional, and is designed to complement prior learning within the School of Criminology.


Why should I take it?

The field practice program integrates learning with service.

  • Learn occupational skills and competencies
  • Develop professional relationships with criminal justice organizations

You will apply criminological theories to your work.

  • Integrate professonal ethics and values
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills
  • Increase capacity to think critically

The blending of academic analysis with work related activity provides an excellent transition for students after graduation.

  • Enter a professional field
  • Continue with further academic work

How does it work?

You will be placed with an affiliated organization, who has designated an experienced professional to act as your Field Supervisor.

  • Assigns you work that aligns with materials covered in the Criminology program

You will be assigned a Faculty Supervisor within the School of Criminology.

  • Leads up to three workshops throughout
  • Assigns readings that apply to your experiences in the field

Students may choose from two program options:

  • Part-time option (6 credits)
  • Full-time option (13 credits)

Who is eligible to participate?

To participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a formal Criminology major or honours student
  • Completed at least 90 credits
  • Hold a cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • Completed CRIM 485 Professional Development – Field Placement

It is strongly recommended that students applying for specific field placements have completed & demonstrated academic strength in courses related to those placements.

How do I sign up?


For information on signing up for this program, contact Dawn Rault, Field Practice Coordinator at

What placements may be available?


Placement availability varies by semester. We encourage students to actively seek a field practice placement that aligns with their interests and educational background.

Examples of past placements include:

  • Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • Community Corrections
  • Community Legal Assistance Society
  • Ending Violence Association of BC
  • Law firms/offices
  • Municipal police detachments (e.g. VPD Planning, Research and Audit Section)
  • RCMP Criminal Investigation Unit

Mandatory 1-credit course (CRIM 485)

You must sign up for CRIM 485 Professional Development – Field Placement to participate in the field practice program.

CRIM 485 is a one-credit intensive course that prepares you to transition the skills you’ve learned in your degree to the job market. Conducted primarily online in the first month of the term, CRIM 485 is required in order to apply for the field practice program.

The key contact for the field practice program is Dawn Rault, Field Practice Coordinator.