FAQ - Undergraduate Academic Advising 


Q - Why do I get an error message when trying to enroll in an upper-division CRIM course? 

A – In order to enroll in most upper-division CRIM courses you need to satisfy any pre-requisites listed AND all three of these criteria: 

  1. Minimum CGPA of 2.25 
  2. CRIM program declared 
  3. Minimum 60 credits complete 

Q – If I am not a declared CRIM student, can I take an upper-division CRIM course? 

A – CRIM 315, CRIM 355 and CRIM 356 are open to all students at SFU who have completed a minimum of 45 credits and have a minimum CGPA of 2.25 at the time of application. 

Q – All CRIM courses were full when my enrollment appointment arrived. What can I do? 

A – Here are some tips for gaining a seat in a full CRIM course: 

  1. Put yourself on 1-2 waitlists for courses that interest you and do not conflict with anything else you are currently enrolled in (or use the swap enrollment function in goSFU, not mySchedule). If a seat comes available, the enrollment system will work its way through the waitlist and allocate it to the first qualified student without a timing conflict. 
  2. Enroll in alternate courses while you wait. Be sure to check with an advisor to see if you have any remaining WQB courses or elective credits as these are an excellent way to keep progressing in your degree plan while you wait. 
  3. Some CRIM courses do not have waitlists attached. For these, it is best to keep checking in to see if any seats come available during the enrollment period. If a student drops a seat, it will be available in the enrollment system on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  4. Week one of classes is a time when MANY students finalize their semester plans and there is often lots of movement in courses this week. Be sure to check daily in week one to see if the course you want comes available! 

Q – Can I contact an instructor to request a seat in a full course? 

A – No, please do not contact an instructor for permission to be enrolled in a full course. Please follow the tips in the previous question to help you gain access to a seat if/when it comes available. Neither an instructor nor an academic advisor can overfill a course. 

Q – How do I drop a course? 

A - Students may be able to drop a course on goSFU during the first few weeks of classes. Students must consult the current Undergraduate Schedule for the course add/drop deadlines, refunds, penalties, and notations. Information on withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances can be found here.

Q – How many times can I repeat a course? How many repeats are allowed in my degree? 

A - You are permitted a total of five duplications (repeats) at SFU, and you may duplicate a specific course only once. The course repeat policy can be found here.


Declaring your CRIM Program: 

Q – How do I know if I am ready to declare my CRIM Program? 

A – Check the declaration requirements for your specific program here.

Q – Is there a deadline to declare my CRIM Major? 

A – There is no deadline to declare your CRIM Major. However, it is best to declare around the time you are reaching completed 60 credits. If you have already reached 60 credits completed and have not yet declared, please reach out to the CRIM advisor to check on your progress. 

Q – I am ready to declare! Who should I contact? 

A – Use the contact form here to reach out to the CRIM advisor with your request to declare. 


Elective Grade System 2021: 

Q – How do I know if I can choose the elective grade system for a particular course I am currently enrolled in? 

A – Full information can be found here.

It is recommended you contact an advisor before choosing the elective grade system for any course. This choice cannot be reversed. 



Q – When do I apply for graduation? 

A – Apply for graduation via your goSFU account during your final semester of study. If you apply prior to the early bird deadline, you will save some money on the application fee. 

Q – I think I am ready to apply for graduation, what do I do first? 

A – Request a Grad Check from your CRIM advisor by filling in the contact form here.

Q – What are the steps to take in order to apply for convocation? 

A – Full information on the application/convocation process here.

Q - My Employer/Graduate study program has requested a Credential Completion Letter. How do I download this? 

A – You may request your Credential Completion Letter from the CRIM advisor once you have final grades for your last semester of study. Once activated, the advisor will ask you to download your letter via goSFU.