Field Practice Program | Guidelines for Field Placement Descriptions

Using these guidelines, agencies should periodically submit a placement description to the field practice coordinator who will then advertise it to students who have been pre-screened for placements.

Use the following guideless to prepare a placement description to advertise to students:

Step 1

Please list any current projects or specific activities that the student
will participate in.

Step 2

The placement description should include the following information:

  1. Name, address, telephone and website of the agency

  2. Name of the designated contact person

  3. Brief outline of the role of the agency

  4. In-depth description of the tasks/role to be assigned to the student. What knowledge/skills will the student gain through this placement?

  5.  Any special requirements of the student:
    1. Shift work or irregular hours
    2.  CPR or other certification?
    3. Is a car required?
    4. Security check?
    5. Does the student need any specific skills or knowledge?
    6. Is any training provided by the agency?
    7. Is funding available? If so, what allotment? Will the student be responsible for out of pocket expenses?

  6. Placement availability: is the placement ongoing throughout the year or limited to a particular semester?

  7. Number of students the agency will accept during any semester

    Note: SFU practicum semesters run for 13 weeks in the Spring (beginning of January to the end of March), Summer (beginning of May to the end of July) and Fall (beginning of September to the end of November) 

Step 3

Submit placement descriptions to Field Practice Coordinator:

Dawn Rault