Martin Bouchard

Professor | School Director


Martin Bouchard is professor and Director of the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, where he also leads the Crime and Illicit Networks Laboratory. Bouchard’s research focuses on the dynamics of illicit markets, as well as on the role of social networks in street gangs and organized crime. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on these topics over the last 15 years. His current research projects examine whether and how changes in the structure of social networks impact various aspects of criminal trajectories in and out of crime (and vice-versa).

He received the 2013 SFU Dean of Graduate Studies Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision, and he is the 2018-2019 recipient of the WSC Fellows Award for individuals associated with the Western region who have made important contributions to the field of criminology.


Social networks and crime; social and criminal capital theory; criminal achievement; criminal careers; gangs; the organization of illegal markets.


  • BSc, MSc, PhD (Montreal)


Selected Publications

  • Paquet-Clouston, M., Bouchard, M. (2022). A robust measure to uncover collective brokers in illicit networks. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Online First.
  • Bouchard, M. (2021). Social networks and gangs: Moving research forward with low-cost data collection opportunities in school and prison settings. Journal of Aggression, Conflict, and Peace Research, 13:110-124.
  • Bouchard, M., Soudijn, M., Reuter, P. (2021). Conflict management in high-stakes illegal drug transactions. British Journal of Criminology, 61: 167-186.
  • Kreager, D., Young, J., Haynie, D., Schaefer, D., Bouchard, M.. Davidson, K. (2021). In the eye of the beholder: A mixed methods comparison of status systems in male and female prison units. Criminology, 59: 42-72.
  • Bouchard, M. (2020). Collaboration and Boundaries in Organized Crime: A Network Perspective. Crime and Justice: An Annual Review of Research, 49: 425-469.
  • Ouellet, M., Bouchard, M., Charette, Y. (2019). One gang dies, another gains? The network dynamics of criminal group persistence. Criminology, 57: 5-33.
  • Bouchard, M., Morselli, C., MacDonald, M., Gallupe, O., Zhang, S., Farabee, D. (2019). Estimating risks of arrest and criminal populations: Regression adjustments to capture-recapture models. Crime and Delinquency, 65: 1767-1797.
  • Bouchard, M., Hashimi, S., Tsai, K., Jozaghi, E., Lampkin, H. (2018). Back to the core: A network approach to bolster harm reduction among persons who inject drugs. International Journal of Drug Policy, 51: 95-104.
  • Kreager, D., Young, J., Haynie, D., Bouchard, M., Schaefer, D., Zajac, G. (2017). Where “Old Heads” Prevail: Inmate Hierarchy in a Men’s Prison Unit. American Sociological Review, 82(4): 685-718.
  • Ouellet, F., Bouchard, M. (2017). Only a matter of time? The role of criminal competence in avoiding arrest. Justice Quarterly, 34: 699-726.

Selected Awards

  • 2022 Certificate of Appreciation from the BC RCMP Criminal Analysis Program, for collaborative partnership established with CISBC/YT.
  • 2018-2019 WSC Fellows Award for individuals associated with the Western region who have made important contributions to the field of criminology.
  • 2018 Honorable Mention Award for Outstanding Article, from the ASC’s Division of White-Collar and Corporate Crime (DWCC) for paper: “Social Networks as Predictors of the Harm Suffered by Victims of a Large-Scale Ponzi Scheme” (with Nash, and Malm)
  • 2013 Dean of Graduate Studies Award for Excellence in Student Supervision, Simon Fraser University

Selected grants

  • “The linked lives of offenders: A social network approach”. (co-PI, with Evan McCuish and Ray Corrado). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Insight Grant 435-2020-0150, awarded April 2020 (ongoing).

Recently taught courses

  • CRIM 801: Criminological theory II (grad)
  • CRIM 812: Criminal Networks (grad)
  • CRIM 464: Street gang patterns and policies
  • CRIM 459: Organized Crime