Helene Love

School of Criminology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Helene Love, S.J.D. is a lecturer at Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology. Prior to joining Simon Fraser University, Helene completed her LL.B. and LL.M. at the University of British Columbia and her S.J.D. at the University of Toronto. She worked as a litigator at Stikeman Elliott LLP, then worked in administrative and program development roles at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law. She has published her research on evidence, ageism, and the criminal justice system in a number of peer reviewed journals including the International Journal of Evidence and Proof, the Canadian Bar Review, and the Canadian Criminal Law Review.


The law of evidence; criminal law; law and ageing.


  • BSc (Victoria)
  • JD, LLM (UBC)
  • SJD (Toronto)

Selected Publications

  • “Indigenous Over-representation in Canada’s Youth Correctional System: An Assessment of Regional Variability” (2020 - 21) 62:2 Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 22 (with Stephanie Wiley and Kelin Emmett, peer reviewed)
  • “Shared Goals, Divided Jurisdiction: The Uneasy Relationship between Class Actions and Administrative Law” (2020) 16:1 Canadian Class Action Review 51 (peer reviewed, sole-author)
  • “The Vulnerable Subject on Trial: Addressing Testimonial Injustice in the Rules of Evidence” (2019) 12:2 Elder Law Journal 1 (peer reviewed, sole-author)
  • “Seniors on the Stand: Accommodating Older Witnesses in Adversarial Trials” (2019) 97:2 Can. Bar Rev. 1 (peer reviewed, sole-author)
  • “If Your Body Talks, Will the Courts Listen? A Comment on R. v. Rhayel” (2018) 65:1 Crim. L. Q. 10 (peer reviewed, sole -author)
  • “Aging Witnesses: Exploring Differences, Inspiring Change” (2015) 19:4 Int. J. Evidence and Proof 220 (peer reviewed, sole-author)
  • “Age and Ageism in Sentencing Practices: A Case Law Review” (2013) 17 Can. Crim.  L. Rev. 253 (peer reviewed, with Dr. Israel Doron and Dr. Fiona Kelly)
  • “Ageing Prisoners: A Brief Report on Key Legal and Policy Dilemmas” (2013) 2 Int. J. Crim. and Soc. 322 (peer reviewed, with Dr. Israel Doron)
  • “Ageism, Language and the Law”, (2011) 31 Windsor Rev. of L. and Soc. Issues. 133 (peer reviewed, sole-author)
  • “Canadian Sentencing Practices in Relation to Older Adults”, (2011) 89:3 Can. Bar. Rev. 729 (peer reviewed, sole-author)

Selected Awards and Grants

  • 2022, British Columbia, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General "Evaluating for Restorative Results" (Co-Principal Applicant, Value: $20,000)
  • 2020 – 21, Law Foundation of British Columbia Legal Research Grant, “Legal Factors and the Over-representation of Indigenous Youth in Corrections” (Co-Principal Applicant, Value $20,000)
  • 2021, Simon Fraser University Centre for Excellence in Education, “Addressing ‘social inequities’ as they relate to Law Courses in the School of Criminology" (Co-Principal Applicant, Value: $5,000)

Professional development

  • Coordinator, SFU Criminology Field Practice Program (2018 – Present)
  • Legal Advisor, Research Ethics Board (2018 – 2023)
  • Member, Steering Committee, Master of Applied Legal Studies at SFU (2021 – Present)
  • Member, Steering Committee, Centre for Restorative Justice (2019 – Present)

Recently Taught Courses

  • CRIM 135: Introduction to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions
  • CRIM 230: Criminal Law
  • CRIM 330: Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  • CRIM 438: Wrongful Convictions
  • CRIM 485: Ethics and Professionalism: Field Practice


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.